We function as an outsourced marketing and business development department for time or resource strapped companies and entrepreneurs.

We get it. We get it done!

Wouldn’t it be great to have marketing and business development departments to handle projects small and large? Someone to go to, to get things done, while you focused on other business responsibilities. Consider us your outsourced departments. You only pay us when you need us.

Eliminate or delay your need to hire full-time staff and avoid tasking overworked staff. We work remotely or at a client location to help you market and grow your business.

Outthink the competition. Don’t outspend them.

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Andrea Hoffman,
Founder and President

Andrea has provided clients with forward thinking ideas, strategies and tactics for over 23 years. As a marketing strategist and trend forecaster she understands the nuances and needs of clients and consumers.

Ivan Burwell,
Diversity Strategist

Ivan is an advertising, marketing and communications specialist with over 20 years' of experience in the strategic development, design, and execution of targeted merchandising and promotional programs.

Troy White
Urban Event Marketing

Troy is a specialist within the urban and “Generation X/Y” marketplaces and ran several divisions for Sony Music for 10 years.

Michael Netta,
Director of Research & Consumer Insights

Michael a business professional with experience in the fields of marketing, finance and strategic planning.

Valerie Packard,
Account Supervisor

Valerie has worked on many celebrity-driven projects, including Music Industry Power Lunch, Politicians and Musicians, and the Leonard Marshall Football Academy.

Karen Squillaro,
Animation Specialist and
Interactive Advertising

Karen has recently joined HMC bringing in animation as one of today’s most powerful forms of digital art.

Lewis Fein,
Public Relations Specialist

Lewis Fein is public relations specialist with extensive experience in the fields of consumer goods, technology, entertainment and hospitality.

Amy Bassi,
Project Manager

Amy joined HMC as Project Manager, and has been an indispensable member of the team. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and began her career in marketing research. She later moved on to become an Account Manager at a marketing firm prior to working at HMC. Amy brings a broad business and marketing perspective to her role, along with a mind-boggling attention to detail.

Bill Nobes,
Web & Multi-Media Consultant

Bill is a 20-year veteran of the design and advertising business. His specialties are web design, print design, and multi-media design. He has held positions with the New York Times and Miller Freeman / CMP (among others). Some of Bill's past clients have included Met Life, City of New York, K-mart, Teen People, and Atlantic Records.


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